Operating Procedures Manual

The Michigan Tech Operating Procedures Manual is being made available on this web page. As sections of this manual are updated, they will be moved to the University Policy and Procedures Manual web page. If you can not find the policy you are looking for here, please go to the University Policies and Procedures web site.

To make it easy to download and read, we have divided the text into short sections and provided navigational buttons at the top and bottom of each page to assist you. Click on the chapter number to receive a table of contents, and then click on the section you wish to read.

Requests for advice and service for the Operating Procedures Manual should be directed to the office of General Counsel of Michigan Technological University by emailing policy@mtu.edu.

If you would like to view a complete table of contents, please click here. It may take a little longer to download because of all the links.

Michigan Tech Operating Procedures Manual

1. Introduction
2. Accounting Services
3. Admissions
4. Institutional Equity and Inclusion
5. Board of Trustees/Governmental Relations
6. Central Stores
8. Facilities Management
9. Human Resources
Policy 1.06 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (formerly chapter 10. Information Technology)
11. Intellectual Properties
12. Internal Auditor
13. Library
15. Memorial Union
16. Merchandise Group
17. Michigan Tech Fund
18. Occupational Safety and Health Services (OSHS)
19. Planning and Budgeting
20. Provostís Office
21. Public Safety
22. Purchasing
23. Recreational Facilities
24. Research and Other Sponsored Programs
25. Risk Management and Insurance
26. Student Records and Registration
27. University Relations