The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



(Proposal 8-08)
(Proposal 10-10)
(Proposal 1-16)

Senate Policy 409.1



A student enrolled at Michigan Technological University who is currently pursuing (or already has) a Baccalaureate degree or degrees can obtain an additional Baccalaureate degree from Michigan Tech. Students must initiate the process for obtaining an additional degree by completing a degree audit with their additional degree advisor. A student earning an additional Baccalaureate degree is awarded a separate diploma for the degree.


A student enrolled at Michigan Technological University and pursuing a Baccalaureate degree can earn an additional Baccalaureate degree or degrees at the same time if they:




An enrolled student who already has earned a Baccalaureate degree (either from Michigan Tech or from a regionally accredited institution of higher education) can obtain an additional baccalaureate degree from Michigan Tech if they:




 Proposal 8-08:
Introduced to Senate: 14 November 2007
Revised by committee: 27 February 2008
Adopted by Senate as revised: 19 March 2008
Approved by Administration: 7 April 2008

Proposal 10-10:
Introduced to Senate: 25 January 2010
Adopted by Senate: 11 February 2010
Approved by Administration: 23 February 2010

Proposal 1-16
Introduced to Senate: 09 September 2015
Approved by Senate: 23 September 2015
Approved by Administration: 29 September 2015