The Senate of Michigan Technological University



Academic advancement by the student is measured in terms of quarter hour credits, or simply, credits. One credit should, on the average, require three hours of a student's time each week for one quarter. These three hours may all be spent in the classroom or laboratory, or may be divided between home study and class or laboratory attendance. One hour in class; two hours in individual study is a typical division. Course descriptions in the catalog show the number of credits for the course. Until the student determines by experience whether he requires more or less time than the average student, he should multiply the course credits by three to determine the demands the course will place on his time during a typical week of the quarter.

Proposal Adopted by Senate: 14 May 1969
Presidential Action: Approved as a general policy statement though no administrative implementation seems feasible.
Amended with Proposal 13-08 to reflect the quarter to semester changes