The University Senate of Michigan Technological University
Proposal  19-10

(Voting Units: Academic)

“Increase Membership of Academic Integrity Committee”

By Amendment of Proposal 27-95





The University Senate is charged to select three faculty to each serve on the Academic Integrity Committee for a three year term.  The Office of Student Judicial Affairs in the Dean of Students Office trains the faculty and schedules the hearings on which the faculty sit as hearing officers.


As a matter of internal practice, Student Judicial Affairs has also trained the faculty members of the Academic Integrity Committee to sit on a student conduct board called the University Judiciary Committee. The faculty on the Academic Integrity Committee are also are utilized when an Appeal Committee is convened.  So, the three members of the Academic Integrity Committee have been participating in a substantial number of cases, which is a larger commitment of time than they may have expected.


A strategic goal of Student Judicial Affairs is to enlarge the pool of both faculty and students who are trained to sit on all of the student conduct boards mentioned above, and to increase referrals of serious cases to conduct boards rather than individual staff hearing officers.


Appointing the three additional faculty members through the University Senate (rather than being recruited and selected by an administrative office) will give the faculty members the recognition that they deserve for their important service to the University community.




Amend Senate Proposal 27-95, Academic Integrity Policy, section IV.D.2.a, Academic Integrity Committee to the following:



The Academic Integrity Committee is composed of three six faculty members serving staggered  three year terms, three  five full-time undergraduate students, three five graduate students, and two student affairs professionals. The faculty members will be chosen from the faculty at large by the University Senate. The three five undergraduates shall be chosen from the undergraduate student body by the Undergraduate Student Government. The three  five graduate students shall be chosen from the graduate student body by the Graduate Student Council. The two student affairs professionals will be chosen by the Dean of Student Affairs.



 Introduced to Senate: 31 March 2010
Adopted by Senate: 14 April 2010
Approved by administration: 22 April 2010