The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



A growing number of students and institutions that offer graduate course work and degrees have recognized the need for coherent sub-degree units of course work, lab work and/or fieldwork in specific areas for which special recognition is warranted. This proposal provides such a framework through the adoption of a Graduate Certificate program. Graduate Certificates will be granted to students who have completed the Graduate Certificate requirements established by academic or research units at Michigan Technological University. Graduate Certificates will be noted on official transcripts, and a written certificate will be given to the student upon completion of the requirements. The Graduate School will administer the Certificate Programs and develop procedures regarding faculty oversight, program re-evaluation, scholarship support, and other fiscal and management issues.

Graduate Certificates require a minimum of 15 credit hours. Of these 15 credits, no more than 3 credit hours may normally be 3000 or 4000 level courses, however interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary certificates may have a maximum of 6 credit hours at the 3000 or 4000 level. All other credits must be at the 5000 or higher level, and may include no more than 3 credit hours of research. A minimum grade of B is required in all course work. Graduate Faculty must teach all courses required for a Graduate Certificate, except for the 3 credit hours of allowed 3000 or 4000 level courses. Because Certificates are not degree programs, double counting is allowed in all cases.

Applicants to a Graduate Certificate program must have a Bachelors degree or equivalent. Individual Graduate Certificate programs may have additional admission requirements. The time limit during which a student is expected to complete all of the requirements of a Graduate Certificate may vary, but is not to exceed four years.

Faculty Endorsement and University Approval of a New Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificates may be proposed by individual faculty, groups of faculty, departments, or groups of departments in any academic or research unit at Michigan Tech. Graduate Certificates may be proposed in disciplines without a pre-existing graduate degree program. A proposed Graduate Certificate curriculum may contain fieldwork, distance learning, and laboratory courses in addition to traditional classroom offerings. Additional admission requirements for a Graduate Certificate program beyond that stated above must be listed in the proposal. Proposals for Graduate Certificate programs will follow the usual procedures for university programs, and be submitted to the Senate by the Provost.

Adopted by Senate: 25 February 2004
Approved by President: 3 March 2004

Became Senate Policy 411.1