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MTU Operating Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22. Purchasing
Section 22.1. Purchasing Guidelines


22.1.5. Selection of Vendors


Selection of Vendors: Determination of the most economical, efficient, and willing source to continually serve the University.


Prior to completing a purchase requisition, the selection of a vendor should be made. The University selects potential vendors for their ability to economically, efficiently, and continually serve the University. Past performance of vendors and cooperation with the University are important factors in vendor selection. The University cannot purchase efficiently from all available sources in many lines. The buying power of the University must be concentrated as much as possible with selected vendors to attain the maximum advantages of price and service.

Departments are encouraged to suggest vendors on the purchase requisition with complete addresses, particularly for unusual or nonstandard items. The Purchasing Department staff has the authority for the final selection of the vendor; however, they will follow a requisitioner’s recommendations as much as possible.


To aid in selecting a vendor, do the following:

  1. When the desired vendor is known, include name and complete address on the purchase requisition, as well as telephone and/or fax number, Web site and/or e-mail, if known.

  2. NOTE: If vendor address is unknown, refer to Purchasing’s On-Line Vendor Search Form. Follow the instructions.

  3. Complete a Purchase Requisition entering the vendor information under “Vendor.”

  4. History
    Adopted: 09/14/2001

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