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Would you believe that Trekkers are descendants of golfers?  It's true.  In the late 1980's a group of friends got together to golf on Monday nights.  After playing nine holes at the Portage Lake Golf Course, they met at the clubhouse for dinner, taking turns providing the meal.  After a summer of golfing, they enjoyed the camaraderie so much, they decided to continue getting together during the winter.  They considered cards and bowling and finally settled on volleyball.  Dinner was still an important part of the evening.  As time went on and the make-up of the group changed, there were no more golfers left in the group.  Someone said, "We should do something in the summer!"  "How about mountain biking?"  So the Trekkers were born.  Six to ten people showed up for the first few rides.  Then, word spread and the group mushroomed to 20 to 30 riders and sometimes half a dozen walkers.  Meals were changed to potlucks with the host providing the main dish.  When winter came again, not everyone in the group was interested in playing volleyball, so Thursday night cross country skiing at Swedetown started.  Of course, skiing builds up an appetite too, so potlucks that required chocolate for dessert were enjoyed in the chalet.

Start Dates:  Golf and volleyball - 1989

Biking - 1996

Cross-country skiing - 1997.

In January, 2001 the gym wasn't available for us to play volleyball, so we went snowshoeing instead. Snowshoeing was so popular that we never switched back to volleyball. Instead we snowshoed right up until biking season.

Spinning, led by Mike Abbott, filled the gap between biking and snowshoeing/skiing season beginning in November, 2001 through 2004. Lianna Miller led spinning in 2005. Terry Smythe led several classes in 2006.

Rides and Riders

We have a diverse group of bikers ranging from the "Biking is Life. Life is Biking." variety to the recreational biker.  Riders split up into two to three groups, usually by ability, but sometimes by what kind of challenge they're looking for on any given Monday night.  Members of the group take turns hosting the ride and the potluck.  The host(s) are responsible for leading the rides or recruiting people to lead the rides.  They also provide the main dish for the potluck that follows the ride.


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