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1. Publishing a Web Page at MTU

Use of the World Wide Web, Internet, e-mail, and other electronic/computing communications is subject to existing University policies (e.g., harrassment, discrimination, etc.). Individuals, departments, colleges, schools, and student organizations should become familiar with University policies concerning the appropriate use of computers and the MTU network as well as applicable state and federal laws. This section provides helpful guidelines for anyone publishing a web page at Michigan Technological University.

1.1 Page Identification

All web pages on any server at MTU should identify who the page belongs to: administrative or academic unit, student organization or individual student, faculty or staff member.

1.2 Copyrighted materials

No one should place any materials owned by others (i.e., copyrighted works, trademarks or protected material) on a web page without the expressed permission of the owner. Examples are: cartoons, articles, photographs, songs, software, graphics scanned in from published works or other web pages. It is suggested to link to and give credit to a relevant web page rather than copy material from it.

Assume materials found on the World Wide Web are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. Questions regarding copyright and fair use should be directed to the J.R. Van Pelt Library. The Van Pelt Library web site has a copyright information page (on the web at Contact the Assistant Director for Research Services at 487-3208 or send e-mail to for further assistance.

1.3 University Name and Logos

The complete name of the University is Michigan Technological University. It may be shortened to Michigan Tech or MTU. The names of the University and its accompanying visual marks have been licensed. By following the established guidelines, we can promote the University, what it stands for, and who it represents in a positive manner. We will also be able to maintain and control the respectability and credibility of the University and the quality of its reputation.

Organizations recognized by the University may use the name and symbols of the University on their web pages. Scanned versions of the symbols may suffer from poor quality, therefore image files should be downloaded directly from the logo download page (on the web at The logos may not be defaced, distorted or shown in parts nor should they be reduced so much that image details become broken. Other restrictions are covered in the Trademark Licensing Program (on the web at

Individuals may identify themselves as a student, alumnus or employee of Michigan Technological University; however, University symbols may not be used in such a way as to suggest that personal pages are official University pages, nor may University symbols be used in such a way as to imply sponsorship or endorsement. The University reserves the right to take action against any use that does not conform to this policy.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses not affiliated with the University may not use any of the registered symbols without prior written permission from the University. Apply for permission with the Intellectual Property Administration, Michigan Technological University, or call for more information at 906-487-2228.

1.4 Links to the MTU Home Page

The MTU Home Page is a gateway to the many WWW sites at Michigan Technological University. Responsibility for this page is shared by the departments of Information Technology and University Relations at MTU.

Web pages for administrative departments, academic departments, and recognized student organizations should be linked to this MTU Home Page. All these pages should have a contact person responsible for content and committed to keeping the web page up to date. Servers should be stable and kept running twenty-four hours a day.

Individual or personal pages will not be included as links from the MTU Home Page. Individual home pages of students, staff, and faculty may be linked within the structure of their department web pages.

1.5 Privacy of Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law which is designed to protect the privacy of a student's educational records. The Act prohibits the release of student data such as grades to persons other than authorized University officials without the student's written consent. A web page should not contain any student scores or grades in association with names, student identification numbers or portions thereof, or other personal identifiers. If scores or grades are posted, a code known only to the instructor and the individual student should be used.

At Michigan Technological University, the student information which is considered public or directory information is defined in the form of a Public Notice. Students may request that no directory information be released by completing a request through the Public Safety Office. The University's Associate Registrar is the custodian of student academic information and should be contacted at (906) 487-2320 for any questions.

For more information regarding privacy and confidentiality please visit the Office of Student Records and Registration website (on the web at

1.6 MTU Network Services

Reselling or redistributing network services provided by the MTU network to individuals or organizations not affiliated with MTU is not permitted.

For faculty and staff, policies regarding use of MTU facilities are described in the MTU Conflict of Interest Policy. Copies are available from the Conflict of Interest Coordinator or Research Services (contact at 487-2225).

1.7 Threats and other Prohibited Uses of Web Pages

Threatening another person is prohibited by University policy. This policy applies to electronic communications including web pages. Also web pages may not be used to commit fraudulent behavior, misappropriate someone else's identity or incite others to commit illegal acts.

1.8 Faculty, Staff and Student Home Pages

Subject to available resources, departments are encouraged to provide space for students, faculty and staff members to develop home pages. Use of the World Wide Web is a valuable educational and communication tool. However, all home pages are subject to all University policies and state and federal laws.

All policies for students documented in the MTU Student Handbook (on the web at apply to electronic communications including web pages. For students, failing to follow MTU policy can lead to discipline up to and including possible expulsion from the university. All policies for faculty documented in the MTU Faculty Handbook apply to electronic communications including web pages. For faculty and staff, failing to follow MTU policies can lead to discipline up to and including possible termination.

2. Departments and Organizations Publishing Web Pages at MTU

The functional requirements listed in this section are set to ensure that use of the MTU Web is as straightforward as possible for users without stifling creativity and the needs of individual departments.

2.1 Required for School, College and Department Web Pages

The term department below is understood to be any administrative or academic unit at MTU. The University Relations office should be contacted to review new department home pages for consistency of message and readability. Send e-mail with the URL's of pages to be reviewed to the MTU Webmaster (

MTU web policy requires the following for department web pages:

This is to notify you that the material you are accessing is not an official web page of Michigan Technological University or the xx department. MTU is not responsible, and hereby disclaims all liability for any data, information, or opinions contained in unofficial web pages. Any comments related to the contents of personal home pages should be directed to the author of the pages.

Note: department web pages should not give the appearance of endorsing commercial products or services.

2.2 Student Organizations

Any student organization registered with the Office of Student Affairs may have a home page linked to the MTU Home Page. All policies for student organizations documented in the MTU Student Handbook apply to electronic communications, including web pages.

3. Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

As an Internet provider, it is the University's policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers as defined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

Adopted by Senate: November 4, 1998
Administration proposed amendments: January 25, 2000
Amendments adopted by Senate: January 26, 2000
Approved by President: February 17, 2000

Became Senate Policy 904.1