The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



The Senate endorses the recommendation of the Parking Task Force.

1. Recommend the establishment of a convenience based parking fee system with two fee levels.

a. Premium Parking - $130.00/year

All campus core parking and any off campus core parking which is adjacent to an employee's place of work, e.g. Forestry, parking is off the campus core. However, it is adjacent to Forestry school's place of work. The same thing goes for the SDC and Athletic Department employees. They would be included as premium parking passes.

b. SDC Busing Option - $50.00/year or .25 per bus ride.

This fee may be best accessed as a per ride fee providing additional incentive to find alternate means of transportation to campus. Car pooling or walking.

2. Recommend the premium fee be included in all full-time regular employee's 96/97 base salary adjustment. This would provide an incentive for individuals not to drive to campus, i.e. pocket the raise. It would also provide those at the low end of the salary structure the means to purchase parking. Many of these individuals need the mobility because of their individual and family situation.

Rejected by Senate: May 1, 1996