The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, including recitation and laboratory sessions, beginning on the first day of regular instruction and ending on the last day of regular instruction, as stated in the University Academic Calendar (found in University catalogs and quarterly Time Schedule Booklets).

Students having excused absences shall have the right to make up graded work. Whenever possible, students should contact their instructors prior to their absence and arrange mutually acceptable make-up procedures. Otherwise, students should account for their absence within the first week after returning to campus. Students who are unable to notify their instructors concerning their absence from class, or who must notify several instructors on short notice, should contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance.

If faculty are concerned about a student's excessive absence from class they should call the Dean of Students Office for advice and assistance.


A. Students participating in off-campus, university-sponsored activities such as field trips, fine arts performances, intercollegiate athletics, judging teams, job fairs, etc.

The faculty/staff members supervising off-campus, university-sponsored activities must send a notice via campus mail (and electronic mail if available) to all academic departments and the Dean of Students Office before the activity occurs. The notice must include the name and date of the activity, the name of the supervising person, and a list of all participating students. Where student participation is ad hoc as in job fairs, supervisors must send notices immediately after the activity to all academic departments and to the Dean of Students.

B. Students absent due to circumstances beyond their control.

Students must provide verification of their special circumstances if so requested by their instructors. Excused absences are usually granted for circumstances such as illness, the funeral of a relative or close friend, military duty, court appearances, and other serious personal emergencies.

C. Other absences that the instructor deems excusable, such as professional and graduate school interviews, plant trips, job interviews, and professional society meetings.

Adopted by Senate: March 8, 1995
Approved by President: March 24, 1995
Became Senate Policy 102.1