The Senate of Michigan Technological University




In 1979 the University Planning Committee was formed to oversee implementation of the Committee C plan. That committee was composed of students, faculty, administrators, and representatives from the Board of Control and the local community -- 14 members in all. That committee has not functioned during the past three years and proved, because of its size and diversity, to be unwieldy.

The Committee C report has now been supplemented by the 2005 report, which sets objectives for the University for the next two decades. These goals and objectives need to be continually assessed and progress toward their fulfillment should be monitored.

This proposal revokes Proposal 1-79 (University Planning Committee) and establishes a committee of faculty members which reports both to the President of the University and to the Senate.



The University Long-Range Planning Committee shall consist of six members, jointly selected by the Senate President and the President of the University. Members will serve for three years, with terms established so that two members' terms will expire and two new members will be selected each year. At least one member must be a Senator who receives Senate confirmation of his/her nomination.

The purpose of the Long-Range Planning Committee is to review continually the University's long-range plan(s) and to monitor the progress the University and its constituent units have made toward attaining the goals and objectives of such plan(s). It shall report to the Senate and to the University administration regarding areas where progress toward meeting goals and objectives has been inadequate and where additional emphasis must be placed. It shall also indicate areas in which additional planning efforts are needed for the continuing progress and development of the University.

The committee will also act as an advisory board to the University on matters relating to retrenchment. This activity will include examination of enrollment trends, state and other financial support, and any proposed need to retrench.

Adopted by Senate: 27 March 1985
Approved by Administration: Yes