The Senate of Michigan Technological University





Effective Fall Quarter 1982:

  1. A student may not repeat a course in which he or she has received a grade of "C" or better.

  2. Only the most recent grade for the first 10 credits of those courses repeated only once will be used to calculate the grade point average. Thereafter, all grades and credit hours will be averaged.

  3. A complete record of all grades shall appear on the student's official transcript.


  1. Starting Fall 1982, all students enrolled or those re-enrolling thereafter may repeat, and have the prior grade removed from their average, the first 20 credits of courses graded below a "C" and being repeated for the first time. Accumulation of the 20 credits of repeat for students currently enrolled will commence with courses taken in the Fall of 1982.

  2. A course repeated for a second time will have both grades averaged and will not count toward the 20 credit limit.

  3. A student repeating a course in which a "C" or better was attained will have the course automatically dropped except if the course is exempt from the repeat policy.

  4. Courses exempt from the repeat policy are those that may be repeated for credit as indicated in the course description in the University catalog. Also excluded are varsity sports including athletic conditioning, cheerleading, Army and Air Force ROTC competitive courses and the music organization/ensembles course. Also exempt are courses taken as audits.

  5. Credits earned toward graduation and determination of class standings will be based on the most recent grade attained.

  6. Accumulation of the repeat credits will be by the sequence in which posted to the official transcript which is alphabetically by course prefix and number, within the quarter.

  7. A repeated course representing credits partially under, but exceeding the 20 credit limit, shall have all credits for that repeated course removed from the grade point average which in effect will allow more than 20 credits of repeat under this repeat rule.

  8. A student transferring from a four-year program to a two-year program and vice versa for the first time shall be eligible for full benefit of the repeat rule under his/her new program. This applies only as long as two separate records are maintained as is currently the procedure.

  9. A student with a grade point deficiency at graduation who has reached or exceeded the 20 credit repeat maximum who desires to repeat up to six credits of deficiency courses at another school may petition his/her department head and the Dean of his/her school or college to have the courses transferred in with grade and grade points. The grades will be averaged as would be done if the course was repeated on campus. This will exempt students from returning to campus when degree requirements can be attained by repeating no more than six credit hours of course work.

  10. A complete record of all grades shall appear on the student's official transcript which is a continuation of the current operating procedure.

  11. This repeat policy supersedes all prior repeat regulations.

Adopted by Senate: 11 November 1981
Approved by Administration: 18 December 1981
See Proposals 3-88 and 24-99