The Senate of Michigan Technological University





In order to facilitate termination of the spring quarter before the end of May, the following calendar guidelines should be implemented as soon as possible:

  1. Every effort should be made to maintain quarters of ten full academic weeks plus a suitable final examination period.

  2. The fall quarter should be completed on or before the Tuesday immediately preceding Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in November).

  3. The break between fall and winter quarters shall be no less than six calendar days (including Thanksgiving Day).

  4. There shall be a minimum of three full academic weeks of instruction in the winter quarter preceding the Christmas break. Every effort should be make to keep this instructional period as long as possible.

  5. Classes should resume as soon after New Year's Day as is practical (starting on either a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday).

  6. The spring break should be a minimum of one week in length (including scramble day) and as short as is practical (starting day either on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday).

  7. The summer quarter calendar should be adjusted to accommodate the needs of incoming students.


Proposal Adopted by Senate: 19 April 1972
Presidential Response: 19 May 1972
New Academic Calendar: 1973-74 Catalog
See Proposal 21-03