The Senate of The Michigan College of Mining and Technology




The College recognizes that through initiative, directed study, self improvement, and/or experience, certain students may have acquired academic abilities in subject-matter fields through means other than formal college course work. To recognize such proficiency, it is recommended that the following policy be adopted:

College credit toward graduation or waiver of prerequisites may be granted for scholastic attainment through other than formal course work provided that:

  1. the work is planned and is approved by the Head of the Department as part of the student's degree program, and completed under the direction of a member of the college faculty; or
  2. the student demonstrates competence in a subject through proficiency examination.

Proficiency examinations may be given to those students who obtain the approval of the department concerned. Such examinations are given during the week prior to the beginning of instruction for the Fall Quarter to applicants for examinations approved by the Department Head with concurrence of the College Registrar. Applicants shall be guided by the following restrictions:

  1. they may be taken only by persons who are in residence or are registered in a correspondence course, or who are resident candidates for degrees and need no more than ten term hours to complete the requirements for their degree;
  2. they may not be taken to raise grades or to remove failure in courses;
  3. they may not be taken for college credit in any subject that duplicates credit used to satisfy admission requirements;
  4. credits earned through these examinations may not be used to satisfy minimum residence requirements for the baccalaureate degree.


Proposal Adopted by Senate: 29 May 1961
Amended with Proposal 13-08 to reflect the quarter to semester changes
Became Senate Policy 604.1