The Senate of Michigan Technological University




The Senate does hereby recommend to the President of Michigan Technological University the adoption of the following procedures for dropping a course:

  1. N - No grade, dropped, given when a student withdraws from school after the regular drop period, passing the subject. In these cases, the Dean of Student notifies the instructor that the student has dropped from school and should receive an N grade if passing as of the date he withdrew. The student's grade card will come to the instructor at the end of the course in the normal manner. The instructor will enter the appropriate grade, N or F, thus notifying the Registrar and completing the action.

    W - no grade, dropped course.

  2. Regular drop - during the first six weeks of the quarter a student desiring to drop a course secures a regular drop card from his advisor who signs the card, thus approving the request to drop the course concerned. The student delivers the drop card to the scheduling office.

  3. Late Drop - After the sixth week of a quarter, a student may request a late drop only from the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will consider only those requests which clearly involve extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. Those late drops approved by the Dean of Students must also bear the acknowledgement of the Registrar and the comment of the student's departmental advisor and the instructor. The student will deliver the approved late drop to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar will show the course on the student's transcript as a W entered as a grade.

Proposal Adopted by Senate: 16 April 1969
Replaced by Proposals 12-72 and 4-86
See Proposal 27-05