The University Senate of Michigan Technological University


Proposal 17-12
(Voting Unit:  Academic)


“Proposal to Amend Senate Procedures 101.1.1: Guidelines for an Academic Calendar of 14 Instructional Weeks”









Senate Procedures 101.1.1 provided guidelines relevant to the academic calendar and established policy regarding the scheduling of fall commencement on the Saturday preceding final examination week, presumably to minimize issues which may arise due to chronological proximity to the Christmas holidays.  However, experience has shown that pre-final commencement is awkward and introduces additional inconveniences; notably, many students have to return to the classroom to take final exams, and parents of graduates are forced to remain on campus through the student’s final exam week before departing.  This proposal seeks to restore commencement after the final exam week, but with provisions for the occasional need to avoid holiday conflicts.






The senate proposes to change the following guideline regarding fall commencement:


·         Fall Commencement will be held on the Saturday after the last day of classes. following Final Exams, unless it falls on or after the 21st of the month of December, in which cases commencement will be held on the Saturday prior to Final Exams.



Introduced to Senate: 04 April 2012
Approved by Senate: 18 April 2012

Approved by Administration: 08 May 2012