The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 16-12
(Voting Units:  Academic)

“Proposal to Ratify the Final Version of Proposal 25-10: Guide to Completing a Graduate Degree and Preparing and Submitting a Dissertation, Thesis, or Report at Michigan Technological University”


The Graduate School submitted Proposal 25-10 in April 2010 which was a draft of the “Procedures to Prepare and Submit a Thesis or Dissertation to Michigan Technological University’s Graduate School”.  At the time, the Curricular Policy Committee thought it best to approve the draft without asking the Senate to review it until it was complete. 



The guide is now complete and the Senate is being asked to ratify this final version.  
Marked up version at :

Clean copy at:



Intoduced to Senate: 04 April 2012
Senate Postponed Vote until Fall 2012 After Proposal Was Cleaned Up
Approved by Senate: 26 September 2012

Approved by Administration: 10 October 2012