The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 44-11
(Voting Units: Academic)


“Proposal to Eliminate Degree Program: Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics”



Name of program: Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics.


Final semester program was open for new admits: This is a degree from 2/15/1963 that has not been offered in many years so there are no admits and the program is currently in a shelved state.


Plan to complete all enrolled students and any returning students:  There are no students currently enrolled.


Reason for Elimination: Cleaning up old degree program offerings. This program has been shelved for at least five years.


Financial Impact (if any) to the department and university: None.



Introduction to Senate: 6 April 2011
Adopted by Senate: 20 April 2011
Approved by Administration: 27 April 2011
Approved by BOC: 29 April 2011
Approved by State: 03 June 2011