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Students find they do not have enough time after receiving midterm grade reports to decide whether to stay in the course. They requested more time to be able to discuss their situations with their parents, professors, or academic counselors.




1)   Change the current due date from end of week 7 of the semester to the end of week 6. 


2)   Clean up verbiage from 27-94, 24-99 and 11-00

Mid-Term Grades A mid-semester grade will be given to each first-year student enrolled in a course offered for credit.  Mid-semester grades will not be considered permanent and thus will not be recorded on the academic transcript.

A standard grading system shall be used by all course instructors.


Mid-Term Grade Symbols:


Grade Points per Credit(GPA calc)
SA Mid-term Satisfactory N/A Indicates that satisfactory progress is being made in the course at the end of the 6th week of class. 
NA Mid-term Not Applicable N/A Administratively assigned to a course for which a midterm grade is not applicable.
UN Mid-term Unsatisfactory N/A Indicates that unsatisfactory progress is being made in the course at the end of the 6th week of class. 
M Missing N/A Status grade administratively issued to each student in a course whose instructor failed to meet the grade reporting deadline or when a grade is intentionally left blank by the instructor in cases where there is an academic integrity issue.


Introduced in Senate: 29 November 2006
Adopted by Senate: 13 December 2006
Approved by Administration: 22 December 2006
Became Senate Policy 309.1