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Currently the University calendar for the next academic year is voted upon during the fall session of the Senate. With the expansion of events involving students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni, there is a need to provide a more timely mechanism for planning purposes. One area of particular impact is the Financial Aid department where the aid year start-up process begins more than a year in advance. Changing the calendar vote to the Spring Semester and providing a “provisional” calendar for planning purposes would allow advance planning to take place across campus and still allow the Senate some flexibility with the calendar when appropriate.






The following recommendation is made in regard to Senate approval of the University academic calendar:



Annual Academic Calendar Approval


The University Calendar for the upcoming academic year and Provisional Calendar for the subsequent academic year shall be approved annually in the Spring Semester.  Approval of this proposal will provide a new academic calendar 14 months in advance and a provisional calendar 26 months in advance.


The Provisional Calendar may be posted on the website and will be clearly identified as “Provisional.” It will reflect only the calendar dates outlined in Senate Proposal 21-03.

Introduced in Senate 5 April 2006

Adopted by Senate: 19 April 2006
Approved by Administration: 10 July 2006

Became Senate Policy 101.1