The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



The College of Sciences and Arts and the College of Engineering will each develop a procedure for evaluation and reappointment of the Dean of the College.

Within each college, a committee will develop the specific procedures. The committee will be composed of appropriate representatives of college constituencies, as recommended by the Provost. The election of the committee will be coordinated by the Office of the Dean of the College. The Senate office will aid in balloting if requested.

As source material for developing procedures, the committee may draw upon the ad hoc procedures used in previous reviews of college deans, and upon various draft proposals for such dean reviews in the files of the Senate. The committee may also consult with members of previous committees that have reviewed the college deans, and with members of the Administrative Policy Committee of the Senate. Near-final drafts of the procedures should be submitted to the dean and provost for comment and suggestions.

The procedures developed by the committee will be submitted to a vote of approval. Mail ballots will go to all constituents of the University Senate within the college. Balloting will be conducted by the University Senate, and a simple majority of votes cast will constitute approval. The procedures approved by vote will be submitted to the provost and president for their approval as university policy. A copy of the final approved procedures will be sent to the Senate for entry into the Senate minutes.

If during the approval process an impasse develops between the administration and the college constituency, the college constituency may submit the procedures to the Senate as a proposal. The Senate may serve as a mediating body, and may if it chooses forward the procedures to the administration as an academic proposal.

The procedures will include a description of a process for amending procedures.

Procedures for Evaluation and Reappointment, as approved by ballot, should be submitted by each college to the administration for final approval within eight calendar months after administrative approval of Senate Proposal 39-04.

Adopted by Senate: 21 April 2004
Approved by President: 27 April 2004

Became Senate Procedures 502.1.1