The University Senate of Michigan Technological University



An Honorary Posthumous Degree (HPD) may be awarded by the University to recognize progress toward a degree when that progress is terminated by the death of a student. The award is a recognition of the student's effort and also of the personal and financial support of the student's extended family.

To be recommended for an HPD, a student must have been in good academic standing at the time of death. An HPD will be awarded in the major field only.

Normally, the student's academic advisor or the student's family will initiate the request for awarding an HPD. An HPD will be conferred upon recommendation from the deceased student's major academic department or school, followed by the approval of the University. The recommendation should be submitted as a written request to the provost's office, together with documentation that the requirement given above has been satisfied.

Guidelines for the submission of the recommendation, and the procedures for the actual awarding of the degree, will be developed by the provost.

Adopted by Senate: November 19, 2003
Approved by President: January 22, 2004
Amended with Proposal 25-08

Became Senate Policy 401.1