The University Senate of Michigan Technological University


(Voting Units: Academic Departments)


Rationale: Recognizing that not all first-time students are prepared for a successful academic experience, academic renewal is designed to give a student a reasonable second chance by providing an opportunity to remove a certain portion of course work from grade point average computation.

Policy: Academic renewal is designed to permit students with a grade point average deficiency to remove the effects of the low grades from their academic record, under the following conditions:

  1. A student enrolled at Michigan Tech after an absence of five (5) years or more may elect academic renewal. This renewal will affect only those courses taken prior to the five (5) year absence and may be elected only once in a lifetime.
  2. This policy applies only to undergraduate students, must be invoked prior to graduation and is not available to students who have completed requirements for a Michigan Tech Bachelor's or Associate's degree.
  3. To qualify for academic renewal, a student must have an overall GPA below 2.00 for the renewal period.
  4. Renewal will apply to all courses taken during the period for which it is granted, regardless of the grade earned.
  5. If more than one term is to be disregarded, they must be consecutive, completed within a maximum of two calendar years for baccalaureate degree candidates or one calendar year for associate degree candidates, with no intervening enrollments at Michigan Tech.
  6. All courses and grades remain on the student's transcript with a notation that academic renewal has been granted for the approved period. All grades received will be annotated with an 'R' indicating Renewal. The grades received are excluded from University grade point average computations and academic standing is initialized to good standing.
  7. Course credit will be granted for those courses subjected to academic renewal in which passing grades of CD (1.50/4.00 scale) or higher have been obtained. Academic Renewal courses are not subject to the existing Repeat Policy rules.
  8. A student receiving a baccalaureate or associate degree from Michigan Tech must meet the University residency for graduation requirements in the interval between the most recent course work to be disregarded and completion of courses at Michigan Tech.
  9. Academic renewal is a policy of Michigan Technological University and as such may not be recognized by outside institutions or agencies (e.g., Michigan Department of Education, other universities and colleges).
  10. Once elected, academic renewal is irrevocable. Students must consult with their academic advisor prior to election of academic renewal. Signed application forms will be processed and retained by the Office of Student Records and Registration.

Draft of 19 March 2002
Became Senate Policy 110.1