The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

(Proposal 4-10)
(Proposal 14-10)

Senate Policy 906.1

4.2.x Entrepreneurial Leave

  Leaves of absence not to exceed one year may be granted to University employees to pursue entrepreneurial activities. Such leaves may be full or part-time and are without pay. Employees must meet normal university standards for benefit eligibility to retain benefits while on entrepreneurial leave. These leaves must have the recommendation of their Immediate Supervisor or Department Chair and have the approval of the Director or Dean, the appropriate Vice President , and the President, with notification to Human Resources. Renewals may be granted under special circumstances.


Proposal 4-10:
Introduced to Senate: January 25, 2010
Reintroduced to Senate with editorial changes : February 10, 2010
Adopted by Senate: February 10, 2010
Approved by Administration with editorial change: February 23, 2010

Proposal 14-10:
Introduced to Senate: 17 March 2010
Adopted by Senate: 31 March 2010
Approved by Administration: 13 April 2010