Repeat Policy
(Proposal 7-09)

Senate Policy 313.1




The Senate's initial establishment of the Repeat Policy was through Proposal 1-82.  The policy established by that proposal was superseded by the policy of Proposal 3-88.  Proposal 3-88 was amended by proposal 24-99.  Proposal 7-09, as edited and distributed for Senate Meeting 472, contains language that should be incorporated in the current Repeat Policy.


The current Repeat Policy, embodied in the current Undergraduate Catalog, contains numerous editorial changes from the policy established by Proposal 3-88.


This present proposal is intended to replace and supersede the previous Senate proposals pertaining to the Repeat Policy.  This proposal incorporates


            1) the policy of Proposals 3-88 and 24-99, as edited in the current Undergraduate Catalog;


            2) the addition of the word "undergraduate" for clarity;


            3) the addition of the language of Proposal 7-09, edited for clarity.


This proposal is intended to be incorporated verbatim in the Undergraduate Catalog.




Repeat Policy


Undergraduate students may not repeat courses in which they have earned a grade of C or better. When a course is repeated the most recent grade will be used to calculate the GPA, credits earned toward graduation, and determination of class standings. Any credit previously earned under the course number is forfeited and the transcript will indicate NR (No grade-repeated) for the earlier attempt.  Students must have the permission of the dean of students and their academic advisor for the third attempt at any one course. Courses exempt from the repeat rule are those that may be repeated for credit as indicated in the course description. In situations where an original course is no longer offered and no active direct equivalent exists, students may seek the permission of their academic advisor and their department chair or school dean to substitute a different course (a "similar repeat") which covers comparable material at a similar level.


Introduced to Senate: 21 January 2009
Edited version: 18 March 2009
Adopted by Senate: 18 March 2009
Approved by Administration: 24 March 2009