The University Senate of Michigan Technological University


(Proposal 10-07)
(Proposal 9-13)

Senate Policy 309.1


Mid-Term Grades A mid-semester grade will be given to each first-year student enrolled in a course offered for credit.  Mid-semester grades will not be considered permanent and thus will not be recorded on the academic transcript.

A standard grading system shall be used by all course instructors.


Mid-Term Grade Symbols:


Grade Points per Credit(GPA calc)
SA Mid-term Satisfactory N/A Indicates that satisfactory progress is being made in the course at the end of the 7th week of class. 
NA Mid-term Not Applicable N/A Administratively assigned to a course for which a midterm grade is not applicable.
UN Mid-term Unsatisfactory N/A Indicates that unsatisfactory progress is being made in the course at the end of the 7th week of class. 
M Missing N/A Status grade administratively issued to each student in a course whose instructor failed to meet the grade reporting deadline or when a grade is intentionally left blank by the instructor in cases where there is an academic integrity issue.


Proposal 10-07:
Introduced in Senate: 29 November 2006
Adopted by Senate: 13 December 2006
Approved by Administration: 22 December 2006

Proposal 9-13:
Introduced to Senate: 07 November 2012
Approved by Senate: 28 November 2012
Approved by Administration: 05 December 2012