March 19–24, 2007
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International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association Award for First Place: University of Idaho

Yellowstone National Park Award for Second Place Overall: a tie between University of Maine and Kettering University

ThermoAnalytics Award for Fourth Place: University of Wisconsin at Madison

SAE Milwaukee Chapter Award for Fifth Place: University of Minnesota at Duluth

Gage Products Award for Best Fuel Economy: University of Idaho

International Engineering and Manufacturing (Woody's) Award for Best Acceleration: University of Wisconsin at Platteville

Polaris Industries Award for Best Handling: University of Idaho

PCB Group Award for the Quietest Snowmobile: University of Maine

Society of Automotive Engineers Award for Best Design: University of Idaho (internal combustion), McGill University (zero emissions)

Land and Sea Inc. Award for Best Performance: University of Idaho

Denso Corporation Award for Best Ride: University of Idaho

Lotus Engineering Inc. and Horiba Instruments Inc. Award for Lowest Emissions: State University of New York at Buffalo

River Valley State Bank Award for Most Economical Solution: University of Maine

Emitec Award for Best Value: University of Idaho

Caterpillar Inc. Innovation Award: McGill University (zero emissions)

BlueRibbon Coalition Award for Most Practical Solution: University of Maine

Founders' Award for Most Sportsmanlike Conduct: University of Idaho

Michigan Snowmobile Endurance Award (for completing the 100-mile Endurance Run): Kettering University, the University of Maine, the University of Minnesota at Duluth, the University of Idaho, Minnesota State University at Mankato and McGill University’s hybrid design sled.


National Science Foundation Veco Polar Resources Best Overall: McGill University

National Science Foundation Veco Polar Resources Best Zero-Emissions Range: McGill University, Utah State

Keweenaw Research Center Draw Bar Pull: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology