March 19–24, 2007
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2007 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
March 19-24, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Success (U of Idaho News Site)

Idaho, McGill Take Golds in Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Idaho Tops in Mileage

Six Sleds Complete Endurance Run

Clean Snowmobile Challenge Set for March 19-24

NSF’s Arctic Division Fuels Clean Snowmobile Challenge

River Valley State Bank Donates $5,000 to the Challenge

SAE Collegiate Engineers Compete for Cleaner, Quieter Snowmobiles

Contact Information

Media Contact: Marcia Goodrich, Michigan Tech News and Information
   (906) 487-2343; mlgoodri at

Event Coordinator: Jay Meldrum, Michigan Tech Keweenaw Research Center
   (906) 487-3178; jmeldrum at