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MTU Establishes English Education Program

By Ember Sullivan

English Certification


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HOUGHTON--Now Michigan Tech students can be certified to teach not only secondary mathematics, science, and social science, but also English.

"The addition of an education program for secondary teachers of English is an important step toward broadening degree options at Michigan Tech," said Gary Neumann, executive director of enrollment management. "MTU graduates who have pursued teaching careers in math and science are considered to be among the best educators in high schools throughout the state and the nation."

Dr. Charles Nelson, associate professor of Humanities and English Education advisor, is happy about the program's addition. "For many years, a long-standing 'gentlemen's agreement' between Tech and Northern Michigan University kept us from establishing secondary education certification for English majors," he said.

"The agreement, simply stated, implied that each university would focus on the programs they were known for MTU for engineering and sciences, NMU for education. When NMU established a pre-engineering curriculum, we didn't feel it would be unfair to move forward with our own certification for high school English teachers at MTU, " said Nelson.

Nelson also said that having the degree program gives local residents more choices for areas of study at MTU. "I wouldn't have commuted to Northern to get my teaching degree," said Bill Wilson, an English Education student at Tech. "Thats why it's convenient to have this program in the area."

According to Nelson, many previous English majors would attend Tech for three years, then transfer to Northern for their secondary teacher certification.

"Having the state certification here at Tech will save many area students from having to commute to Marquette, or even from moving there for a year," said Nelson.

The number of students in the program has grown quickly since last September, when secondary English education certification was approved. Another advisor, Jean Blanning, assists Nelson with the 25-30 students currently enrolled.

"More Michigan Tech-educated teachers in high school classrooms means greater influence on future generations of college-bound high school seniors, because teachers often encourage their best students to apply for admission to Michigan Tech," concluded Neumann.

For more information about English Education at Michigan Tech, contact Dr. Charles Nelson at (906) 487-3232 or cwnelson@mtu.edu.