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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


What is the purpose of Space Management?

Accurate Space Management needs the commitment of many people, especially the faculty in the research departments. We therefore need to have the commitment of the campus community to continuously monitor and update the ASPIRE system for accuracy. Realizing that you have busy schedules, our suggestion is to have the departmental Space Coordinators and/or Back-up Space Coordinators set a personal schedule that best suits their workload to monitor their space and correct errors as needed. We strongly suggest these "error sweeps" be done no less than monthly and all incoming email requests (new indexes, new/modified occupant changes, and requests from ASPIRE administrators) be handled immediately.


If I have a question about my Equipment Inventory list, whom do I call?

Call (7-2252) or email Kelly Dube (kjdube@mtu.edu)


My question is not on this list. What do I do?

Call (7-2155) or email aspire@mtu.edu.

ASPIRE Application Questions


If I have a problem accessing ASPIRE web pages (i.e.: the ASPIRE Application link in the navigation bar), what do I do or whom do I call?

Use your ISO username and password to log in. If you are still having problems then call (7-2155) or email aspire@mtu.edu.


What if there is a room on ASPIRE, and we do not have stewardship of that room anymore?

You need to coordinate the transfer of the stewardship of that room with the other department. If mutually agreeable, then send request for change to aspire@mtu.edu that includes approval of space change by dept head/chair/director of department relinquishing space.


What if we have stewardship of a room, but it is not assigned to our department on ASPIRE?

You need to coordinate the transfer of the stewardship of that room with the other department. If mutually agreeable, then Call (7-2155) or email aspire@mtu.edu.


Is there a way to print the ASPIRE data?

There are many ways to print the data. However, we have tried to structure or group the data in the most useful way so that you would not need to print.


Why won't pdf download correctly from ASPIRE when using Firefox on a Mac?

If the settings appear to be correct in the Firefox settings menu, and .pdf documents will not automatically open with Acrobat and/or .pdf extension won't append to files when they were downloaded, there is a plug-in fix for this issue: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7518/

Room Attribute/Work Station Questions


Does this room have a mounted, overhead projection system and screen?

This information is being maintained by Educational Technology Services (ETS). You should only be concerned if the information is incorrect.


Does this room have computer workstations for undergraduate student use?

We are looking for rooms that have any number of computers that can be used by undergraduate students. In addition to your standard departmental undergraduate computing labs, please include rooms that are only used by particular undergraduate classes or labs, or used by undergraduate groups. We do not need a count of workstations- this can be ascertained from other data maintained by Telcom once we verify which rooms to look at. Do not count rooms that have an instructor or staff work station that is not used by students directly.


Does this room have computer workstations for graduate student use?

We are looking for rooms that have any number of computers that can be used by graduate students for any purpose. In addition to your standard departmental graduate computing labs, please include rooms that are only used by particular graduate classes or labs, or used by graduate groups. We do not need a count of workstations- this can be ascertained from other data maintained by Telcom once we know which rooms to look at. Do not count rooms that have an instructor or staff work station that is not used by students directly.


One of my offices has a desk and a conference table which can seat six. How many workstations should I report?

One (for the desk). We ask that you report the normal maximum occupancy of a room given its use. Since this room is coded as an office, and since this office is normally occupied by one person, you should record only one workstation. If the room were to be coded as a conference room however, you should then record six workstations (as maximum seating for the conference table) even though the conference room may normally be used by fewer than six people.


Does a desk need to have a computer or phone to be considered as a workstation?

No. A workstation is a physical location where one primarily does his or her work. It does not need to have a computer or phone or even someone currently working there to be considered as a workstation. For example, your department may have a workstation which is currently unused because of a hiring freeze. Since someone could still be working there, it should still be reported as a workstation. Also, since many MTU buildings are now wireless and employees are using laptops, computers can no longer be used as a determinant for a room's workstations.

Key to this definition is the word "primarily". A person may have a desk at which most of their work is completed, and may also have a large table at which they periodically sit at to sort papers, etc. Because most of the person's work is completed at the desk, the desk is to be reported as a workstation while the large table will not.

Maps/CAD Drawing /Door Plate Questions


What if I don't have access to the Telcom drawings?

Telcom drawings require additional software called Autodesk Viewer to open the files. Ask IT to install it for you.


What if I have a problem opening up the Facilities Management PDF building floor plan drawings?

First speak to IT (it-help@mtu.edu or 487-1111). If still not resolved, call (7-2155) or email aspire@mtu.edu).


What if the Facilities Management building floor plan drawings don't reflect our actual building layout?

Call ASPIRE administrators (7-2155) or email (aspire@mtu.edu)


What if the door plate doesn't agree with the room number on the building floor plan drawings?

Call (7-2155) or email aspire@mtu.edu. For emergency reasons it may be determined that the current door tag will need to be replaced. If a member of the space team requests this change, please comply as soon as possible.

Room Occupant Questions


How do I assign occupants to the room who are not included in the department's new occupants table?

Choose "Show All of the People" for a complete list of available employees and graduate students. Select the occupant.

Definitions/Room Data Questions


The area (net assignable square feet) listed for a room appears to be incorrect, how do I get this fixed?

Send an e-mail to aspire@mtu.edu. In your e-mail, tell us which room it is. We will then determine what the proper square footage should be and make the change in our system.


What is the difference between the Function Code and the Functional Use Percent?

Function Codes are data items that are used to group space by function as defined by the Post Secondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual.

Functional Use Percentage is an Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Circular A-21 data item (government cost principals for educational institutions) which are used for determining the space when calculating the F&A rate (facilities & administration). See our Functional Percent web page.


How do we account for faculty "overload" in our space allocation percentage?

The room utilization percent allocation for A-21 purposes should follow the effort reporting of the occupant. Just as effort reporting is based on percent of time (because faculty are not hourly employees), the functional use of the room should also follow the percent of time methodology.


How do I account for the room use during the summer, if a faculty member teaches during the summer session?

We are looking at the fiscal year rather than the academic year. Summer may be "extra comp" based on an academic year contracts, but it is just another month in the fiscal year. Since this functional use of space study looks at the activity of a room for the entire fiscal year, the summer time room use should be weighted into your percent allocation computation.


Which Research Percentage column should Senior Design and Enterprise activities fall under?

Each Banner index is color coded as to whether it is Organized Research (OR) or Departmental Research (DR). Assign the activity according to the color coding. The color coding scheme is OR is gold, DR is tan, and OSA is blue.


What are some examples of Organized Research?

Refer to the Functional Percent web page.


What is the difference between departmental administration (DA) and general administration (GA)?

General Administration is the central administrative offices, like Purchasing, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounting/Financial Services. Departmental Administration is used primarily for academic administration. For example, Departmental Administration includes academic department chairs.


What do I do with Distance Education / Distance learning space?

Distance Learning is considered "Instruction."


Do I use the Library functional use percentage column for our departmental library?

No. This column is only to be used for the Van Pelt and Opie Library.


What do I do for Primary User when I have a faculty member who is on a leave or sabbatical?

Set the room functional use percent to 100% Other Institutional Activity (OIA).


When do I have to supply an account/index number to a room?

Rooms with salary & wage (S&W) research related activity should have all of the account/index numbers assigned to it. Remember, the University Space Committee is now using this data for space allocation purposes. Therefore, you want to give your department the proper credit for the work that is done in a given room. Indexes are not required for the OIA activity, such as residence halls and Daniell Heights.


How do I know which department is officially assigned the space by the University Space Committee?

ASPIRE is presumed to reflect the current approved space assignment by the University Space Committee. The "Department Information by Building" report in the Space category is a good report to run to see the department assigned to a room.


Where are the room numbers for the men's and women's restrooms or drinking fountains in FZASAFE?

A room numbering scheme does not currently exist for hallways, bathrooms, and other common areas. However it will be created in the near future. ASPIRE was originally set up to meet the needs of the federal overhead study, which excluded bathrooms, hallways, and other common spaces. The MIOSHA survey is expanding the uses of the ASPIRE system.


How do I handle SHARED SPACE?

Only one department can be the controlling organization for a room. One additional department can be indicated as "user" of the space by contacting aspire@mtu.edu with the request.


How do I handle VACANT SPACE?

There is a 12 month rule for future use. If the space is not currently occupied, but you know a research project is going to be in that space in the future, then put the project down in that space. Keep in mind the timeframe of activity that we are looking at.