Foundations Proposal Internal Notification Form
If you are thinking about submitting a proposal to a Foundation, please complete this form.

PI Name:

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Proposed Project Title:

Proposed Funding Source:

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Anticipated Amount of Request:

Proposal Due Date:

Describe Michigan Tech's Participation (financial or otherwise):

Brief Summary of Project:

Your Name (person submitting this form):

Michigan Tech's Office of Development, in conjunction with Innovation and Industry Engagement, has established this process to assist Michigan Tech staff and faculty in obtaining funding from foundations. Notifying us early that you would like to apply for funding allows us the opportunity to assist you by:

After this form has been reviewed you will be contacted by a staff member who will assist you with the submission process. The following staff and their general areas of support are listed below:

It is important that you work with foundation staff on proposal submission. This allows one staff person to serve as a single point of contact between Michigan Tech and each foundation, improving our relationship with the potential sponsor.

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