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Technology and Economic Development

Welcome to the home page of Technology and Economic Development (TED) at Michigan Technological University.

TED facilitates connections between Michigan Tech's research capabilities and prospective industrial partners by identifying people, facilities and technologies that can develop unique and innovative solutions to challenging technical problems. The TED office also supports the transfer of knowledge and technology from the Michigan Technological University campus to the private sector. TED works with faculty, staff, and student inventors and with prospective licensees to evaluate disclosures, obtain proprietary protection, market technology, and negotiate the terms and conditions of license agreements. Michigan Tech currently holds 46 active patents, including 32 U.S. and 14 foreign patents.

Terms and conditions for licensing agreements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Often, additional research and development are needed in order to bring a technology to the market. In consideration for corporate-sponsored research, exclusive license and option-to-license arrangements can be negotiated. The office also maintains a searchable database, TechFinder, that lists technologies available for licensing, and research facilities and equipment that can help solve your technical needs.

Revenues obtained through licensing benefit the inventor, and their department, as well as the University. The rewards can be substantial, but the process requires careful management over a long period of time.

TechFinder System

Michigan Tech has launched TechFinder, a searchable database containing technologies available for license. Technologies can be searched by keyword or by several taxonomy classifications.

Biomedical Engineering researcher develops new method for culturing cells for grafting and other medical applications.

Cell and tissue graft therapy is currently used to treat many clinical disorders such as trauma and cancer. Obtaining tissue for these grafts is commonly done through allografting or autografting. Allografting involves transplanting tissue from either a tissue donor and carries risk of disease transmission or transplant failure due to immune response. Allografts are also susceptible to fracture or non-union. Autografting involves transplanting tissue from one part of a patientís body to another and requires additional surgery to obtain the tissue which can lead to donor site morbidity and pain to the patient.
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Tech Professor Designs Mechanical Fuel Injection System

If you've ever struggled to start your old lawn mower or cringed to see smoke billowing behind your snow blower, a new invention by a Michigan Technological University professor may someday offer relief.