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Table of Contents

PLEASE NOTE: This website is in the process of being updated. Currently, please refer to the entire contract as some of the section numbers in the list below do not match the changes to the most recent contract.

To make it easy to download and read, we have divided the contract by Article. If you would like to review a copy of the complete UAW Contract, please click here.

Article I
Article II
Recognition and Scope of Agreement
Bargaining Unit Work
Employees Covered
Full and Part-Time Employees
Article III
Conformity to Law
Article IV
Union Membership
Union Dues
Termination for Failure to Comply
Article V
Exchange of Information
Periodic Reports
University Notification of Actions Affecting Bargaining Unit Positions
Article VI
Grievance Handling
Bargaining Committee
International Representative
Release Time
Special Conferences
Article VII
Grievance Procedures
Accellerated Arbitration
General Provisions
Article VIII
Disciplinary Action: Suspension and Discharge
Representation and Notice of Discipline
Grievance on suspension or Discharge
Use of Past Record
Article IX
Personnel Files
Article X
Loss of Seniority
Probationary Employment Period
Temporary Employment Period
Top Seniority
Article XI
Order of Layoff
Work Opportunities for Laid Off Employees
Article XII
Reduced Work Week Schedule
Reorganization or Phase-Out
Work Schedule
Alternative Work Scheduling Arrangement (Flextime)
Changed Work Schedule
Rest Periods
Lunch Periods
Student Employees
Compensatory or Equivalent Time
Shift Preference
Work Shifts
Shift Differential Pay
Article XIII
Notice of Vacancies
Vacancy Specifications
Posting Period and Procedure
Application for Vacancies
Vacancy Interviews
Senior Applications
Position Offer
Accelerated Grievance Procedure Posting and Filling of Vacancies
Article XIV
Sick Leave
Accrual of Sick Leave
Voluntary Sick Leave Pool
Availability of Sick Leave
Bereavement Leave
Advance Sick Leave
Sick Leave Credit for Veterans
Medical Examination
Incentive Compensation Days
Personal Time Off
Additional Time Off with Pay
Safety Committee
Staff Recognition Programs
Michigan Tech Promotional Support Program
Discount Program at the University Bookstore and University Images
Vacation Time
Group Health Insurance
Employee Education Program
Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)
Temporary Assignment Pay/Higher Pay Grade
Temporary Assignment to Non-UAW Position
Longevity - Non-Exempt Only
Long Term Disability Insurance
Child Care Referral Program
Blood Donation
Leaves Without Pay
Personal Leave of Absence
Medical Leave of Absence for Illness or Disability
Military Leave of Absence
Union Business Leave
Political Leave
Return from Leave
Return from Union Business or Political Leave
Pay Upon Return From a Leave
Benefits While on Leave of Absence Without Pay
Jury Duty and witness Service
Life Insurance
Union Use of Facilities and Services
Bulletin Boards
Reclassification Audit Language
Performance Evaluations
Article XV
Article XVI
Strikes and Lockouts
Article XVII
Complete Agreement
Article XVIII
Management Rights
Article XIX
Termination or Modification
Pay Grades by Level

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