Every individual performing services for the University and compensated by the University is presumed to be an employee unless she/he can meet the criteria of Independent Contractor (IC) status. Generally, every individual who performs services that are subject to the will and control of the University as to both WHAT must be done and HOW it must be done, is an employee. It does not matter that the University allows the employee considerable discretion and freedom of action, as long as the University has the LEGAL RIGHT to control both the method and the result of the services.

Individual Name: Business Name:
Explain the service to be provided:

Service to be rendered for the period to
  1. Does the University have the right to control:

  2. Yes No when to do the work?
    Yes No where to do the work?
    Yes No what tools or equipment to use?
    Yes No what workers to hire to assist with the work?
    Yes No where to purchase supplies or services?
    Yes No what work must be performed a specified person?
    Yes No what routines or work patterns must be used?
    Yes No what order or sequence to follow in doing the work?
  3. Yes No Does the University provide training for the individual?
    Yes No If yes, is the training mandatory?
  4. Yes No
  5. Does the University provide equipment/tools necessary to complete the service?
  6. Yes No Does the IC advertise services available (example, yellow page ad)?
  7. Yes No Is the method of payment a flat fee per job?
  8. Yes No Does the IC have an established business location (other than a home residence)?
  9. Yes No Does the IC employ assistants?
  10. Yes No Does the University pay the business or travel expenses of the IC?
  11. Yes No Are the services provided an integral part of the University business?
  12. Yes No Is there a continuing relationship between the University and the IC?

Give the name, title, department and telephone number of the person to contact if additional information is necessary.
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Department:     Phone:
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