You must have clearly extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from completing a course.                         Late drops are NOT given because:


1.       You forgot to drop the course, or you were not aware of the policy;

2.       You spent too much time on University extracurricular activities;

3.       You wish to avoid a poor grade;

4.       You are changing your major or transferring to another school;

5.       You don’t need the course to graduate.




1.       You must make a written request to the Scholastic Standards Committee explaining what your circumstances are—an appointment is not necessary.  Your written request must include your name, Student Identification Number and the course(s).  Documentation is needed to substantiate your extenuating circumstances.  Documentation could include hospital or doctor receipts; or the recommendation of the instructor (of the course to be dropped), a resident hall counselor or a counselor from Counseling Services.

2.       The day after you submit the written request, you must check back to learn the preliminary decision.  If preliminary approval is given, you will receive two “Comment Slips”— one for the instructor of the class and one for your academic advisor.

3.       The two comment slips must be returned to the office where you initiated your request (either the Office of Student Affairs or the First-Year Programs Office).  Some advisors/instructors will send them through campus mail; others will give them to you to return to the appropriate office.

4.       A final decision will be made after both comment slips are returned.  If final approval is granted, a grade of “W” will appear on your grade report and transcript.