HOUSING  LIST                           August 22, 2003





 Courtesy Of:

Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Michigan Technological University

106 Memorial Union Building, Houghton, MI 49931

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On-Line:     http://www.aux.mtu.edu/usghousing                                                                                                                                                                                           Contact:    pagivens@mtu.edu



Copies available outside the Student Organizations Office, 106 MUB




Undergraduate Student Government Off-Campus Housing Survey


The Service Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government has compiled a notebook of housing/landlord surveys completed annually by MTU students who live off-campus. This is a service provided to the students of MTU and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the respondents. All opinions expressed are solely those of the respondent and USG makes no claims to their accuracy. Completed surveys are available in the USG Office for your review and consideration in choosing the off campus housing situation that is right for you.








1.      Students who believe there is a violation of the State of Michigan Building codes in their rental unit, may write the City of Houghton and request a building inspection.  If the Building Inspector finds any violations the landlord is given notice and 30 days to fix the problem.  There is no cost for the inspection and you will receive a copy of the inspection report.

2.      Students who would like a rental unit inspected before they sign a lease, need to get written permission from the  landlord and submit it to the city.  The City Building inspector will provide you with a inspection report.   There is no charge for this report.




1.        Before you sign a lease ask the landlord how many parking spaces are provided and if the parking lot is approved by the City of Houghton.  The City parking ordinance prohibits parking in certain areas of the property and designated parking lots must be paved or gravel.  Parking on the lawn is prohibited.



NOTICE:         If you have questions re: rental units or parking within the City of Houghton call 482-1700.