Faculty Vitae Update

Academic Year 2010-11

Faculty will enter their activity into the Faculty Activity Reporting System (FARS) (a.k.a Activity Insight by Digital Measures) to update their activity for the Faculty Vitae. The reporting dates for the Faculty Vitae Update will be May 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011.

Paper-copies are no longer required to be forwarded to the Provost's office. The due date will remain the same - May 30, 2011 - but the due date is for all faculty to have their current year activity entered into FARS. Please report any needed corrections to imported data to amkitalo@mtu.edu by June 10. The Faculty Vitae Update report, including spring semester imports and corrections, will be available to print on June 30, 2011.

Sabbatical Leave Report

In the Faculty Activity Reporting System (FARS), a new screen is now available for faculty to enter their sabbatical leave report. Once entered into FARS, the sabbatical leave report will be available to be included with the Vitae Update when the Faculty Vitae Update Report is generated. The sabbatical leave report is available from the "Run Custom Reports" screen.

How to Use FARS

To get started using FARS, visit the Faculty Activity Reporting System website found here:

From this site there are links to the login page, to a demo you can watch, and a frequently asked questions page.

Faculty/Staff Guide

Also available to help users navigate Activity Insight is the Activity Insight Faculty/Staff Guide which is available in pdf form. Click on the link below to get the two-page guide:
Activity Insight Faculty/Staff Guide

System Access

To access the system, go to:
and enter your ISO userid and password.

For questions about Activity Insight, contact Ann Kitalong-Will at 7-2794 in Academic Human Resources.