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New Faculty Hires

The following process is used when hiring anyone who has not been employed by the University. This process applies to tenure-track, non-tenure-track, and research appointments.

Careful consideration of the salary and rank to be offered must be made to ensure that the state and federal laws on equal pay and non-discrimination are not violated. Differences in rank and salary are based on seniority, merit, and experience. (See Salary Calculations)


Search Procedure

See the Institutional Equity Office for the faculty hiring process and the "Process Checklist" for guidelines. Note that tenure-track positions require a national search while non-tenure-track positions require a local/regional search.


Hiring Procedure

Once a candidate has been identified, the following steps should be completed:

  1. Prepare the following:
  2. Prepare a draft appointment letter.
  3. Prepare a Request for Start-Up Support Form (if applicable).
  4. Prepare a draft start-up support letter (if applicable)
  5. Forward the following materials through the Dean's Office to Academic Human Resources (Academic Human Resources will route to the Provost and President for approval):
  6. After the Appointment Recommendation has been approved by the President, send the appointment letter to the candidate.
  7. Forward two (2) copies of the signed appointment letter to Academic Human Resources.
  8. If the candidate declines the offer, forward the information to Academic Human Resources and the Affirmative Action Officer.
  9. Notify those candidates interviewed but not selected for the position of the decision after an offer of employment has been accepted.