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Administrative Appointments

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Model Appointment Letter

Date: ____________________

Dear ________________________:

[Insert one of the following appointment paragraphs:]

  1. {External appointment} It is my pleasure to welcome you to the faculty in the (College, School, Department) at Michigan Technological University. I am pleased to offer you an appointment as (Dean/Department Chair) of (College, School, Department) and as a tenured (rank) in the (College, School, Department) (subject to approval of tenure by the Board of Control).

  2. {Internal appointment} I am pleased to offer you an appointment as (Dean/Department Chair) of (College, School, Department).

Your annual salary will be ________. This initial salary is computed as follows: nine-month salary of $______ multiplied by a factor of 11/9, plus a stipend of $______ for the administrative duties as (Dean/Chair). Your duties will commence on (date).

If, in the future, you should return to a nine-month faculty position, your salary at the time will be $______ plus the percentage of changes which you have received in the meantime.

The (Dean/Chair) position does not carry tenure and you serve in that capacity at the pleasure of the President. We will hope, however, to continue this appointment for (four/three) years, with a review to take place during the (fourth/third) year. That review will include a solicitation of responses from faculty in the (College/School/Department).

[Insert basic duties and expectations here.]

[External Appointment. Insert only with initial administrative appointment:]

  1. This offer is contingent upon satisfying all Federal employment eligibility requirements and proof of having completed all requirements of your (PhD/MS). If you accept this offer and it is your first appointment to Michigan Tech, you must complete tax and other employment forms (in-person) in order to be placed on payroll. Please visit the Human Resources Office (second floor of the Administration Building), no later than your first day of work, to complete the appropriate forms.

  2. Your appointment as (tenure/tenure-track) faculty carries with it appointment to the graduate faculty, including the privileges and responsibilities associated with advising graduate students and teaching graduate level courses. You will be contacted by a member of the Graduate School staff with further information.

We will regard ourselves as mutually committed upon your returning a signed copy of this letter. This offer must be accepted within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter, unless the time for acceptance is extended in writing.

No oral representations can modify this written Letter of Appointment or written Charter, Policy, or Procedures.

We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can both make firm plans.



I accept this offer.

______________________________________       ___________________________
   (Name)                                                                        (Date)


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