Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Handbook

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Chapter 6. Fringe Benefits
Section 6.2 Leaves/Absences
Subsection 6.2.3 Leaves/Absences With Pay
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Michigan Tech recognizes the need to support employees as they balance career, childbirth, and family obligations.

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty
Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Research Faculty, and Staff
Application Process

For tenured/tenure-track faculty, as far as it is possible, the commencement of a maternity leave shall coincide with the beginning of a semester. The faculty member shall submit a written request to her Department Chair (the Dean in case of schools). The chair and/or dean shall attach the memo request to a status change form (gold) and forward to the Dean and Provost as far in advance as possible but at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester during which the leave is to be taken. Professional staff shall submit written notice to their supervisor who shall then attach request to a completed status change form (gold) and forward to the Director and appropriate Executive Team Member. The completed gold form shall then be forwarded to the Benefits office for review and approval.


The associated cost for eligible persons on maternity leave will be covered by Michigan Tech's retirement and insurance fund.

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