Tenured/Tenured-Track Faculty Handbook

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Table of Contents

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1. Mission, Vision, General Organization, and Governance

2. Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment

3. Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

4. Faculty Development

5. Compensation Policies

6. Fringe Benefits

7. Separation

8. Grievance

9. University Policies and Services

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A. Academic Integrity and Honesty Procedures

B. Conflict of Interest Procedures

C. Grievance Procedures

D. Externally Sponsored Grant/Contract/Agreement Submittal Process

E. Sabbatical Leave Procedures and Form

F. Scientific Misconduct Procedures

G. Senate Constitution and Bylaws

H. University Senate Administrative Evaluation Procedure

I. Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment Procedures

J. University Standing Committees

K. - Rescinded Appendix K. Interpretation of Policies Related to Faculty Extra Compensation

L. Changes in Non-Tenure Track Instructor and Lecturer Appointments

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Faculty Handbook Revisions

2014-15 Faculty Handbook Revision Summary List

2013-14 Faculty Handbook Revision Summary List

2012-13 Faculty Handbook Revision Summary List

2011-12 Faculty Handbook Revision Summary List

2010-11 Faculty Handbook Revision Summary List

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