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MTU Procedures Manual

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Chapter 6. Central Stores
Section 6.3. Motor Pool Vehicles


6.3.3. Emergency Maintenance


Emergency Maintenance: Maintenance (either warranty or remedial) required to restore the mechanical operation of the vehicle such as repair/replace water pumps, brakes, shocks, and engine failure.

General Information

Emergency maintenance should be performed only by an authorized automobile dealer who sells and services the make of the vehicle being driven, such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc.


If a motor pool car requires emergency maintenance, do the following:

  1. As soon as possible, locate the appropriate dealership.

  2. Prior to having any work done to the vehicle, contact the Motor Pool by calling 7-2700 (if after hours or long distance call 906-487-2700) for approval to resolve the emergency. Indicate the name and telephone number of the contact person at the dealership. The Central Stores business manager will make arrangements for the repair, such as purchase order number, price quote, warranty work, etc.

Adopted: 01/22/2001

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