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MTU Procedures Manual

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Chapter 6. Central Stores
Section 6.3. Motor Pool


6.3.2. Gasoline and Oil Purchases Gasoline Credit Cards


Gasoline and oil shall be obtained from dealers who honor the credit cards provided by the University. Only regular, unleaded, self-service proprieties are to be purchased; additional charges for mid-grade, premium, or full service will be charged to the department.

These credit cards are not transferable and must only be used with the vehicles bearing the license number embossed on the card. The credit card will assure the service station and the driver that each sales slip will have all the necessary information for processing.

Do not accept or sign a gasoline charge slip unless it is on the regular credit slip form which is used and accepted by the oil company represented by the vendor. The University is exempt from paying Federal and State taxes levied on gasoline or oil (State of Michigan Sales Tax and Federal Excise Tax-Free Registry Number 38 73 0627 K). This number is to be used for University Business Only. It is important that every driver of University-owned vehicles use the credit card and only patronize the dealers authorized. Every driver should frequently check the fuel supply and refuel the tank when the gauge shows approximately one-fourth full.

Lubrications, car washes, and tire repairs may be obtained at one of these service stations, providing they are equipped to render this service.


To charge a purchase of gasoline, do the following:

  1. At the time of purchase, present the credit card. All invoices or sales slips, either cash or charge, must be made out to the University and show the following information:

    1. Vendor's name, address, and the name of company represented.

    2. Date of purchase, license number of vehicle, amount and cost of each item purchased.

    3. Signature of driver.

  2. Turn in receipts to the Motor Pool with keys and log book upon return of the vehicle.

Adopted: 01/22/2001

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