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Chapter 24. Research and Other Sponsored Programs
Section 24.2. Research Projects



Unrestricted Grant or Gift: A donation that is voluntarily given to the University where the University is not obligated to provide any deliverables of value (such as technical reports, software, hardware, etc.) to the donor.

Restricted Grant or Contract: A formal agreement between the University and one or more parties for the performance of work at a fixed or reimbursable rate. This agreement will be in writing and is enforceable by law. The University is required to provide deliverables (such as technical reports, software, hardware) to the funding parties.


Funds received from sources other than the state (general operating funds) by the University in support of various academic programs must be placed in the proper category for administrative and accounting purposes. In order to accomplish this, the University has defined the two broad categories of Gifts and Contracts, into which it will place these funds. Regardless of the category into which the funds are received, the funds are property of the University, not the Principal Investigator.

Grants or gifts can either be unrestricted or restricted for a particular purpose. Most monies received from private or corporate foundations are in this category. Monies in support of research are, according to University policy, assessed facilities and administrative cost charges. However, where appropriate in the grant or gift category, the University may negotiate a waiver of some or all of these facilities and administrative costs.

Most state and federal research projects are in contracts. All funds in this area will be charged facilities and administrative costs at the current University rate.

Most funds received by the University will be easily defined and can be placed in the proper category. However, in those cases where definition is questionable, the University through the controller and/or the appropriate administrative office, will contact the donor/sponsor for additional information to determine the proper categorization.

Adopted: 11/07/2001

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