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MTU Operating Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22. Purchasing
Section 22.6. Follow-Up and Returns


22.6.3. Freight Claims


Freight Claims: Material that is received damaged or incomplete, a claim for reimbursement may be made by the shipping company or by the University, depending on FOB and/or vendor policy.


If material is received damaged or incomplete (lost), do the following:

  1. For direct-to-department deliveries, note any damage on the common carrier’s freight bill or mention it to the driver if UPS is the carrier.

  2. Retain the damaged item, outside carton, and all packing for possible inspection by the carrier’s inspector. Failure to do so may void the ability to file a claim.

  3. If a purchase order is involved, advise the Purchasing Department immediately. The Purchasing Department will notify the necessary parties (vendor and carrier), arrange for replacement, and file any claims required.

  4. If no purchase order is involved, contact the vendor for instructions.

  5. Contact Accounts Payable and advise them of possible delay of payment.

Adopted: 09/14/2001

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