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MTU Operating Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22. Purchasing


22.4. Special Purchases

22.4.1. Emergency Orders


Emergency Orders: An order that is needed by a department immediately.

General Information

When necessary, the Purchasing Department makes emergency purchases; however, they should be kept to a minimum. It is important that a requisition be “walked through” to the Purchasing Department (or via some means of communication in the case of Banner requisitions) prior to the placing of an emergency order.

Arrangements for emergency repairs or equipment overhauls are made by notifying the Purchasing Department which will fax either the PO number or a manually assigned number to the vendor.


To initiate an emergency transaction, do the following;

  1. Telephone the Purchasing Department at 7-2510, informing them of the request and the circumstances.

  2. Telephone requests should be immediately followed by a signed Purchase Requisition or a Banner Requisition to the Purchasing Department indicating the PO number, and a statement regarding who the order was telephoned to and the date. Refer to section 22.2.4. Purchase Requisitions for procedures to complete a purchase requisition.

  3. NOTE: Telephone requests for significant amounts will not be accepted prior to receipt of a properly authorized requisition.
Adopted: 09/14/2001

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