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MTU Operating Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22. Purchasing
Section 22.3. Types of Orders


22.3.5. Release Orders


Release Order: Similar to a regular purchase order with quantities, specific descriptions, unit prices, and accounting information which creates an encumbrance (unlike a blanket order) when entered into Banner. However, vendors are instructed to release items only when requested by one of the persons indicated on the authorized persons’ list and only during the effective period indicated on the order.


To place a release order, do the following:

  1. Departments trained in Banner requisition entry submit release requisitions as they would enter other regular requisitions, or

  2. Prepare a (paper) Purchase Requisition, available from the Purchasing Department or the Web site Refer to section 22.2.4. Purchase Requisitions for procedures to complete a purchase requisition. In addition to the regular information required, also enter:

    1. The effective period covered on the order.

    2. A list of authorized persons who may request items to be released by the vendor for shipment.

  3. Submit the release order requisition to the Purchasing Department for processing.

To electronically view a release order, do the following:

  1. Sign on to the Banner Finance System.

  2. Go to the Purchasing Order Query Form (FPIPURR) and enter the purchase order number. For additional information on this form, refer to the End User chapter in the Banner Finance System manual entitled, Displaying Purchase Order Information.

Adopted: 09/14/2001

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