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Chapter 22. Purchasing


22. Purchasing


This chapter contains information dealing with purchasing items and/or services on behalf of the University. The information applies to all employees of the University, but is not all inclusive. For reference purposes, this material covers more general policies and procedures; more specialized information will be covered in other publications, such as the purchasing guidelines. Please consult the manager of the Purchasing Department at 7-2510, if you need interpretive or more specific information, or visit the Web site of the Purchasing Department.

General Information

These policies, as written here, are not the complete policies as adopted by the State of Michigan, Board of Trustees, the Administration, or the federal government. Copies of relevant Board of Trustees policies in their entirety are available in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual.


General policies concerning purchasing and bidding apply to most funds of the University, regardless of source. Most funds deposited with the University are University funds and must be handled consistently in accordance with University policies except where they may be in direct conflict with specific provisions of the gift, grant, or contract.

Agency funds are one of the exceptions. These funds are owned by the donors, and the University only receives and disburses the funds under the direction of the financial managers.

Resale and inventory accounts are another exception.

Adopted: 09/14/2001

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