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MTU Procedures Manual

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Chapter 21. Public Safety
Section 21.10. Threatening and Violent Behavior in the Workplace


21.10.3. Acts of Violence Not Involving Injuries or Weapons


If observing an incident, do the following:

  1. Immediately report the incident to the departmental supervisor.

  2. The supervisor should notify the appropriate Human Resources' representative at 7-2280, as soon as possible.

  3. NOTE: The director of HRD will coordinate, if appropriate, with the director of Counseling Services and/or EAP counselors for intervention, consultation, or referral for clinical evaluation or treatment.

    The director of HRD will conduct an independent University investigation of the incident and, in conjunction with management, will take appropriate action, disciplinary or otherwise. Each situation is different and should be addressed case-by-case. Depending on the severity, the appropriate amount of discipline will be determined, following the current practice of progressive discipline.
Adopted: 02/19/2001
Revised: 04/17/2002 Revised item 2

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