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MTU Procedures Manual

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Chapter 21. Public Safety
Section 21.3. Key and Building Access Control


21.3.2. Obtaining After-Hour Building Access


Validated Tech Express Cards used to open exterior doors are issued only with the written approval of the department chair/director; however, written approval must be obtained from the provost and senior vice president for academic and student affairs for keys to the Administration and Student Services Building.


To obtain after hour building access, do the following:

  1. A department chair/director must send a written request to the Public Safety Department. The request must indicate the building for which access is needed, the employee's name, and Social Security number.

  2. The Public Safety Department reviews the request and if it is for the Administration and Student Services Building, forwards the request to the provost and senior vice president for academic and student affairs for approval.

  3. If approved, the Public Safety Department validates the Tech Express ID card and notifies the requesting department.

Adopted: 02/19/2001

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